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La Finca, summer 2020

It has been a long time without posting in the blog. Despite this strange 2020 summer we had the chance to enjoy our stay at La Finca. Golf or beach in the morning, swimming pool in the afternoon, cycling or hiking in the evening or just relaxing in the terrace. Let me share some of our new discoveries.

Málaga is one of the most mountainous regions in Spain, summer temperature is not the most adequate for long hikes, but then local friends gave us the tip. In summertime you can go for a two hour hike as from 7 p.m. And that is what we did. You can find some examples below:

Puerto del Acebuche

Very close to Marbella. Nice easy walk, a bit steep at the beginning and finishing all the way down. You get beautiful views to the mountains, Marbella and the see. Have a look at the pictures.

Locals consider this walk a real luxury.

You can find the walk in wikiloc.

Castle of Montemayor

There is data that indicates that it already existed in the 10th century, having an important role in the wars of the Taifa kingdoms. The castle was taken by the Christians in 1485. It is located at an altitude of 579 meters and it was one of the strongest in the province, its elevation and its defensive elements made it almost impregnable. Today, part of its walls and the Queen's tower have been preserved and the stunning views make you imagine the important defensive role of the castle.

You can find the walk in wikiloc.

We made a small variation, taking first a path in the wood and coming back through the one indicated. No need to go adventurous if you do not feel like. The regular path is well indicated in any case. With rain the last part to reach the castle could be a bit slippery.


Not only hiking was in the menu, I can propose this two hours cycling route:

You can enjoy a beautiful view of the De la Concepción reservoir.


Sports are nice, good food too.

We tried a restaurant at San Pedro de Alcantara, "Savor", this is one for special occasions. They have a delicious testing menu with food presented in a lovely way and with good service. For instance have a look at the Beach Picnic.

In case you are tented to try, this is the website of the place

At Marbella, we had the chance to enjoy a very special gastronomic experience: the "ronqueo".

We understand as "ronqueo" the traditional cutting of tuna, coming from the noise that the knife makes when it touches the spine. With this manual cutting, the different usable parts of the tuna are extracted both for fresh consumption and for making elaborated products. We could enjoy five different tuna dishes. Delicious.


La Cueva de la Pileta

We went for a one-day excursion, a bit further than Ronda. We went to visit La Cueva de la Pileta. The importance of this cave is due to the presence of the extraordinary cave paintings on the inside, which are dated from the Palaeolithic era. Most of them represent animals. Taking pictures of the inside is not allowed, you can see some pictures in the following links: (this is the one to use to book the visit).

These are the views outside the cave:

After the visit to the cave we went for an informal and tasty lunch at La Venta de la Cueva del Gato. And then we went for a very cool dip at La Cueva del Gato, the cave is not accessible, just the pond. Independently of the outside temperature the water is chilly. Here, heat is over. There may be lots of people at this place, but you can find a place for yourself.


To finish sharing our holidays activities at La Finca, you can see below some decoration changes to the bedrooms, replacing the twin beds in the master bedroom by a double bed and replacing the twin beds at the guest bedroom by bigger ones.

Step by step, making it more difficult to leave the place!

Dot not forget that the excellent fitness at the Club House is now accessible to everybody, there is even the option for a daily fee. Also a new sport bars and a bowling are open at the Club House.

Check on our special offers to come and try some of the many activities that you can enjoy at La Finca!

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