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Walks in the nature (Part 2) and ... a bit of redecoration

We took advantage during our stay at La Finca in summer, always too short, to do some family walks around the area and ... to keep on improving the apartment's comfort and warmth. This is what we did.

Our apartment is situated at Los Arqueros golf & club in the beautiful hills of Benahavis, just five minutes away from several of Benahavis' walking paths.

One of the walks took us to Torre de la Romera ("torre" is tower in English).To understand the beauty of this path it is worth having a short summary of the history of the area.

The origin of Benahavis dates back to the end of the 11th century when the Arabs founded it around the fortress that they had built to defend the East side of the Arab castle of Montemayor. The fortifications were extremely important during the battles carried out between the different Kingdoms in and around Tarifa de Al Andalus because of their strategic value (about one hundred kilometres of the Spanish coastline and most of the North of Morocco can be seen and controlled from its walls).

Torre de la Romera is considered to be part of the castle of Montemayor. Though the tower is surrounded by vegetation and mainly ruins are left, the walk counts with lovely views and local vegetation and allows you to get an idea of how the fortification was.

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Benahavís also has some great landscapes that are well worth seeing like "Las Angosturas", a narrow gorge which the Guadalmedina River runs through. There are many legends that surround it. One of the most well known is a story of a young bride-to-be who went there to bathe. She began to have trouble with strong undercurrents and her husband-to-be jumped in to save her, but the river swallowed both. Today, this spot is known as "El Charco de los Novios" ("The fiancés pool") or "El Charco de las mozas" ("The young ladies pool"). It is common to see people bathing there, it really can get very animated. We chose an easy walk to go with the family: the "Acequia de Las Angosturas", funny for the kids to see all the little frogs around and it passes by the "El Charco de las mozas". These are some pictures we took.

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We used our time wisely - it was not all hiking, we also did some decoration! What are the changes to the apartment?

New distribution of the living room

New paintings

New mirror

New chairs

We also added some shelves in the utility room, we have new loungers in the terrace and we added some plants to the pots in the terrace.

So, why not coming to spend New Year's Eve at La finca taking advantage of a 10% discount? Book now in our website.

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